Mixed-gen Sessions

The mixed-gen sessions are a series of on-line sessions to enable simulators young in years or at heart to meet and discuss in these unusual times. Our main goal is to provide a venue for PhD students and young researchers to share their work, get expert feedback and have an opportunity to strengthen their scientific relations within the CECAM community.

Each session will have two parts. In the first, an experienced scientist will present an advanced topic in different areas of simulation and modelling, followed by two young members of the community describing their work in the same area. In the second part, we shall move to a virtual poster session where more PhD students and researchers in their first post-doc will present pertinent projects to the session’s speaker and other expert guests that will join us to interact and share their thoughts on exciting new science.

Mixed-gen Session 6: Activated Events

Estimating the free energy: from enhanced sampling to manifold learning
Alessandro Laio, SISSA, Trieste

June 03, 2021 – Online meeting – hosted by CECAM-HQ

Mixed-gen Session 5: Machine Learning

The thin line between physics and data
Michele Ceriotti, EPFL Lausanne

May 06, 2021 – Online meeting – hosted by CECAM-HQ